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This second edition of the oremus web site www.oremus.org was published on 22 May 1998. (At that date the redesign of the oremus pages was complete, but parts of the liturgical and hymnal pages are still to be revised.)

The oremus web site is maintained by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw.

Copyright © Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw, 1993--1998.

Hosted by the Society of Archbishop Justus.

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This site is designed to be compatible with most Web browsers. It makes use of features found in Netscape version 4 and Internet Explorer version 4, but everything will work with Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer 3. As designed it does require a frames capable browser, but all the content should be viewable with browsers (or users) which cannot (or prefer not to) use frames. It is intended to modify the pages slightly to use style sheets (see Web Style Sheets for more information), and this will require a CSS-capable browser such as IE 3 or NS 4 to be fully appreciated. However, we are committed to publishing a web site that does not require the use of any advanced or non-standard features, and that fully conforms to the html and related standards.

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You may contact the compilers via e-mail at:

simon@oremus.org or
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