other oremus resources

As well as hosting the oremus daily office, this web site also contains various resources for prayer and worship. These are divided into An Anglican Liturgical Library and the Anglican Online Hymnal

An Anglican Liturgical Library is a collection of authorized and other texts used in the Church of England and in the wider Anglican Communion and elsewhere. It includes many texts from the Church of England's Alternative Service Book and other recent books, as well as details and texts from the Church's continuing programme of liturgical revision, leading to the new Common Worship scheduled to replace the ASB after the year 2000. It also includes links to other liturgical resources on the Internet.

The Anglican Online Hymnal is a collection of public domain texts from various Anglican hymnals organized according to the Christian year and theological topics, together with information about the author of the text, its meter, various settings of music for each text, and hymn numbers in various hymnals.

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