extracts from
Y Naill-Galendr Llithiadur a'r Neillgolectau
The Alternative Calendar and Lectionary

of the Church in Wales, April 1995.

Other Holy Days

1The Naming of JesusII
3Morris Williams, Priest and Poet (1874)V
10William Laud, Bishop (1645)V
11Rhys Prichard, Priest and Poet (1644) William Williams, Deacon and Poet (1791), and Isaac Williams, Priest and Poet (1875)V
13Hilary, Bishop (368)V
14Kentigern, Bishop (c 603)V
17Antony, Abbot (356)V
18The Confession of Peter, ApostleIV
21Agnes, Virgin and Martyr (304)V
23Francis de Sales, Bishop (1662)V
24Cadog, Abbot (6th century)V
25The Conversion of Paul, ApostleII
26Timothy and Titus, Companions of PaulIV
27John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor (407)V
28Thomas Aquinas, Doctor (1274)V
1Bride or Bridget, Abbess (6th century)V
3The Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of Europe
or Seiriol, Abbot (6th century)
9Teilo, Bishop (6th century)V
14Cyril, Monk and Missionary (869), and Methodius, Bishop and Missionary (885)V
19Thomas Burgess, Bishop and Teacher (1837)V
20The Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of AfricaV
23Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr (c 155)V
24Matthias, ApostleII
27George Herbert, Priest (1633), and all PastorsV
Ember Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday following Lent IIV
1David, Bishop (6th century), Patron Saint of WalesII
2Chad, Bishop (672)V
5Non (5th century)V
7Perpetua, Felicity and their Companions, Martyrs (203)V
9Gregory of Nyssa, Bishop (395)V
17Patrick, Bishop (5th century), Patron Saint of IrelandV
18Cyril, Bishop (386)V
19Joseph of NazarethIV
20Cuthbert, Bishop (687)V
21Thomas Cranmer (1556), Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley (1555) and Robert Ferrar (1555), Bishops, Teachers and MartyrsV
25The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin MaryII
29Woolos, King (6th century)V
30John Keble, Priest and Teacher (1886)V
31John Donne, Priest and Poet (1631)V
3Richard, Bishop (1253)V
7Brynach, Abbot (5th century)V
8Griffith Jones, Priest and Teacher (1761)V
9Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of South AmericaV
12George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop and Missionary (1878)V
15Padarn, Bishop (6th century)V
20Beuno, Abbot (c 640)V
21Anselm, Bishop and Doctor (1109)V
23George, Martyr (304?), Patron Saint of EnglandV
25Mark, EvangelistII
30Catherine of Siena (1380)V
1Philip and James, ApostlesII
2Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor (373)V
5Asaph, Bishop (6th century)V
9Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop (390)V
15Edmwnd Prys, Priest, Poet and Translator (1624) and John Davies, Priest and Translator (1644)V
19Dunstan, Bishop (988)V
24Charles Wesley (1788) and John Wesley (1791), Priests and MissionariesV
25Julian of Norwich (c 1417)V
26Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop (605)V
27Bede, Doctor (735)V
28Melangell,Abbess (6th century)V
31The Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to ElizabethIV
Ember Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday following PentecostV
1Justin, Apologist and Martyr (c 165)V
or Euddogwy, Bishop (6th century)V
2Blandina and her Companions, Martyrs (177)V
4James Hannington, Bishop, Missionary and Martyr (1886) and Janani Luwum, Bishop and Martyr (1977)V
5Boniface, Bishop, Missionary and Martyr (754)V
9Columba, Abbot (597)V
11Barnabas, ApostleII
14Basil the Great, Bishop and Doctor (397)V
20Alban, Julius and Aaron, Martyrs (3rd century)V
24The Nativity of John the BaptistII
28Irenaeus, Bishop and Doctor (c 200)V
29Peter, ApostleII
30The Martyrdom of Paul, ApostleIV
3Peblig, Abbot (4th century)V
6Thomas More, Martyr (1535)V
11Benedict, Abbot (c 540)V
21Howell Harris, Preacher (1773)V
22Mary MagdaleneII
25James, ApostleII
26Anne, Mother of the Virgin MaryV
27Martha and Mary of BethanyIV
28Samson, Bishop (5th century)V
29William Wilberforce (1833), Josephine Butler (1907) and all Social ReformersV
30Silas, MissionaryIV
31Joseph of ArimatheaIV
3Germanus, Bishop (5th century)V
5Oswald, King and Martyr (642)V
6The Transfiguration of our LordII
7Mary Sumner (1921)V
8Dominic, Abbot (1221)V
9Augustine Baker, Priest and Religious (1641)V
10Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr (258)V
11Clare of Assisi, Abbess (1253)V
12Ann Griffiths, Poet (1805)V
13Jeremy Taylor, Bishop (1667)V
15Mary, Mother of our LordII
20Bernard, Abbot (1153)V
23Tydfil, Martyr (430)V
24Bartholomew, ApostleII
27Monica (378)V
28Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and Doctor (430)V
29The Beheading of John the BaptistIV
31Aidan, Bishop (651)V
3Gregory the Great, Bishop and Doctor (604)V
8The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin MaryV
10William Salesbury, Translator (1584) and William Morgan, Bishop and Translator (1604)V
11Deiniol, Bishop (6th century)V
13Cyprian, Bishop, Doctor and Martyr (258)V
14Holy CrossV
Ember Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday following 14 SeptemberV
16 Ninian, Bishop (c 430)V
20 Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of Australasia and the PacificV
21 Matthew, Apostle and EvangelistII
26 Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop (1626)V
29 Michael and All AngelsII
30 Jerome, Doctor (420)V
4 Francis of Assisi, Friar (1226)V
6 William Tyndale, Translator and Martyr (1536)V
9 Cynog, Abbot (5th century)V
13 Edward the Confessor (1066)V
15 Teresa of Avila, Teacher (1582)V
16 Daniel Rowland, Priest and Preacher (1790)V
17 Ignatius, Bishop and Martyr (c 117)V
18 Luke, EvangelistII
19 Henry Martyn, Pastor, Translator and Missionary (1812)V
23 James of Jerusalem, BishopIV
25 Lewis Bayley, Bishop and Writer (1631)V
26 Alfred, King (899)V
28 Simon and Jude, ApostlesII
30Richard Hooker, Priest and Teacher (1600)V
31 Vigil of All SaintsV
or Catholic and Protestant Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation EraV
2All SoulsV
3The Martyrs and Confessors of our TimeV
or Winifred, Abbess (7th century)V
4The Saints and Martyrs of the Anglican CommunionV
5Cybi, Abbot (6th century)V
6Illtud, Abbot (5th century)V
7Richard Davies, Bishop and Translator (1581)V
8The Saints of WalesV
10Leo, Bishop and Doctor (461)V
11Martin, Bishop (c397)V
12Tysilio, Abbot (6th century)V
13Charles Simeon, Priest and Teacher (1836)V
14Dyfrig, Bishop (5th - 6th centuries)V
15The Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of North AmericaV
16Margaret of Scotland (1093)V
17Hugh, Bishop (1200)V
18Hilda, Abbess (680)V
19Elizabeth of Hungary (1231)V
21Paulinus, Abbot (5th century)V
23Clement, Bishop (c 100)V
29Vigil and Day of Intercession for the Mission of the ChurchIV
30Andrew, Apostle, Patron Saint of ScotlandII
1Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon (1637)V
2The Saints, Martyrs and Missionaries of AsiaV
3Francis Xavier, Missionary (1552)V
6Nicholas, Bishop (c 342)V
7Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor (397)V
8Cynidir, Bishop (6th century)V
Ember Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday following 13 Dec.V
21Thomas, ApostleII
29Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop and Martyr (1170)V
30Tathan, Abbot (6th century)V
31John Wycliffe, Priest and Translator (1384)V