Oremus Lectionary

Oremus uses a three-year lectionary designed to complement the Revised Common Lectionary, (copyright (c) 1992 The Consultation on Common Texts). This lectionary is used in most of the Anglican Communion, the ELCA, the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches and many other Protestant churches, as well as the Roman Catholic Church (with variations). During the green seasons, the continuous pattern of readings in Revised Common Lectionary provide the model for our lectionary.

1. There are two lessons provided for each day: a primary lesson which will be printed in the daily Oremus and a secondary lesson for use at a second office or as an additional reading. Each set of readings follows its own cycle.

2. The lectionary is designed to allow for greater variation in the types of lessons used in Oremus ; therefore, a given book is read for no more than three weeks at a time.

3. We use the numbering system for the propers in the green seasons as used in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. To convert this to the US and English system, subtract five from the given proper number.

4. The lectionary for Sundays is adapted from that given in A Prayer Book for Australia. The lectionary for Saturdays is adapted from the second service for the following Sunday in Common Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England.

5. The psalms during the green seasons follow a six-week pattern, but this is altered to prevent duplication with the psalms appointed for the weekend services.

The Master Lectionaries::

Year A

Year B

Year C

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