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OREMUS for January 20

Lord, open our lips,
and our mouth shall proclaim your praise.

Shout joyfully to God, all you on earth,
sing praise to the glory of his name.
Hear now, all you who fear God,
while I declare what he has done for me.
Let us worship God.

Blessed are you, God of all mercies, 
you extend forgiveness and aid again and again. 
You confront us with the mystery of your grace, 
beyond all human comprehension; 
you cause us to be merciful in your Name, 
that all whom we serve may see beyond us
and find you there. 
For these and all your mercies, we praise you: 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:
Blessed be God for ever!

An opening canticle may be sung. 


Psalm 102

Lord, hear my prayer
and let my cry come before you;*
 hide not your face from me
 in the day of my trouble. 
Incline your ear to me;*
 when I call, make haste to answer me, 
For my days drift away like smoke,*
 and my bones are hot as burning coals. 
My heart is smitten
like grass and withered,*
 so that I forget to eat my bread. 
Because of the voice of my groaning*
 I am but skin and bones. 
I have become
like a vulture in the wilderness,*
 like an owl among the ruins. 
I lie awake and groan;*
 I am like a sparrow, lonely on a house-top. 
My enemies revile me all day long,*
 and those who scoff at me
 have taken an oath against me. 
For I have eaten ashes for bread*
 and mingled my drink with weeping. 
Because of your indignation and wrath*
 you have lifted me up
 and thrown me away.
My days pass away like a shadow,*
 and I wither like the grass. 
But you, O Lord, endure for ever,*
 and your name from age to age. 
You will arise
and have compassion on Zion,
 for it is time to have mercy upon her;*
 indeed, the appointed time has come. 
For your servants love her very rubble,*
 and are moved to pity even for her dust. 
The nations shall fear your name, O Lord,*
 and all the kings of the earth your glory. 
For the Lord will build up Zion,*
 and his glory will appear. 
He will look with favour
on the prayer of the homeless;*
 he will not despise their plea. 
Let this be written for a future generation,*
 so that a people yet unborn
 may praise the Lord. 
For the Lord looked down
from his holy place on high;*
 from the heavens he beheld the earth; 
That he might hear the groan of the captive*
 and set free those condemned to die; 
That they may declare in Zion
the name of the Lord,*
 and his praise in Jerusalem; 
When the peoples are gathered together,*
 and the kingdoms also, to serve the Lord. 
He has brought down my strength
before my time;*
 he has shortened the number of my days; 
And I said, 'O my God,
do not take me away 
in the midst of my days;*
 your years endure 
 throughout all generations. 
'In the beginning, O Lord,
 you laid the foundations of the earth,*
 and the heavens are the work of your hands; 
'They shall perish, but you will endure;
 they all shall wear out like a garment;*
 as clothing you will change them,
 and they shall be changed; 
'But you are always the same,*
 and your years will never end. 
'The children of your servants
shall continue,*
 and their offspring shall stand fast
 in your sight.' 

Psalm 103

Bless the Lord, O my soul,*
 and all that is within me,
 bless his holy name. 
Bless the Lord, O my soul,*
 and forget not all his benefits. 
He forgives all your sins*
 and heals all your infirmities; 
He redeems your life from the grave*
 and crowns you
 with mercy and loving-kindness; 
He satisfies you with good things,*
 and your youth is renewed like an eagle's. 
The Lord executes righteousness*
 and judgement for all who are oppressed. 
He made his ways known to Moses*
 and his works to the children of Israel. 
The Lord is full of compassion and mercy,*
 slow to anger and of great kindness. 
He will not always accuse us,*
 nor will he keep his anger for ever. 
He has not dealt with us
according to our sins,*
 nor rewarded us 
 according to our wickedness. 
For as the heavens are high
above the earth,*
 so is his mercy great
 upon those who fear him. 
As far as the east is from the west,*
 so far has he removed our sins from us. 
As a father cares for his children,*
 so does the Lord care
 for those who fear him. 
For he himself knows
whereof we are made;*
 he remembers that we are but dust. 
Our days are like the grass;*
 we flourish like a flower of the field; 
When the wind goes over it, it is gone,*
 and its place shall know it no more. 
But the merciful goodness of the Lord
endures for ever on those who fear him,*
 and his righteousness
 on children's children; 
On those who keep his covenant*
 and remember his commandments
 and do them. 
The Lord has set his throne in heaven,*
 and his kingship has dominion over all. 
Bless the Lord, you angels of his,
 you mighty ones who do his bidding,*
 and hearken to the voice of his word. 
Bless the Lord, all you his hosts,*
 you ministers of his who do his will. 
Bless the Lord, all you works of his,
 in all places of his dominion;*
 bless the Lord, O my soul. 
FIRST READING [Genesis 6:9-22]:

These are the descendants of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation; Noah walked with God. And Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. 

Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight, and the earth was filled with violence. And God saw that the earth was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon the earth. And God said to Noah, 'I have determined to make an end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with violence because of them; now I am going to destroy them along with the earth. Make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch. This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. Make a roof for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above; and put the door of the ark in its side; make it with lower, second, and third decks. For my part, I am going to bring a flood of waters on the earth, to destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is the breath of life; everything that is on the earth shall die. But I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons, your wife, and your sons' wives with you. And of every living thing, of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. Of the birds according to their kinds, and of the animals according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the ground according to its kind, two of every kind shall come in to you, to keep them alive. Also take with you every kind of food that is eaten, and store it up; and it shall serve as food for you and for them.' Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him. 

Words: Charles Wesley (1707-1788)
Tune: Breslau

Happy the man that finds the grace,
The blessing of God's chosen race,
The wisdom coming from above,
The faith that sweetly works by love.

Happy beyond description he
Who knows 'The Saviour died for me',
The gift unspeakable obtains,
And heav'nly understanding gains.

Wisdom divine! Who tells the price
Of wisdom's costly merchandise?
Wisdom to silver we prefer,
And gold is dross compared to her.

Her hands are filled with length of days,
True riches, and immortal praise,
Riches of Christ, on all bestowed,
And honour that descends from God.

To purest joys she all invites,
Chaste, holy, spiritual delights;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her flowery paths are peace.

Happy the man who wisdom gains,
Thrice happy who his guest retains;
He owns, and shall for ever own,
Wisdom, and Christ, and heaven are one.

SECOND READING [Hebrews 10:1-10]:

Since the law has only a shadow of the good things to come and not the true form of these realities, it can never, by the same sacrifices that are continually offered year after year, make perfect those who approach. Otherwise, would they not have ceased being offered, since the worshippers, cleansed once for all, would no longer have any consciousness of sin? But in these sacrifices there is a reminder of sin year after year. For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins. Consequently, when Christ came into the world, he said, 'Sacrifices and offerings you have not desired, but a body you have prepared for me; in burnt-offerings and sin-offerings you have taken no pleasure. Then I said, "See, God, I have come to do your will, O God" (in the scroll of the book it is written of me).' When he said above, 'You have neither desired nor taken pleasure in sacrifices and offerings and burnt-offerings and sin-offerings' (these are offered according to the law), then he added, 'See, I have come to do your will.' He abolishes the first in order to establish the second. And it is by God's will that we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. 

The Benedictus (Morning), 
the Magnificat (Evening), or Nunc dimittis (Night) may follow.

Let us pray for the grace to recognize
the presence of God in our lives.

Open our eyes to see your salvation;
reveal yourself to a blind humanity.

Make your face shine upon those who live with disease;
give them your strength and your peace.

Let all who are weighed down by want come to know your bounty;
that they may put their trust in your goodness.

To those who hold power and riches, grant a discerning spirit;
that they may be set free by your freedom and love.

God of love and justice, 
your Son proclaimed your kingdom
and called your people to follow you: 
Help us to accept our mission as the Church, 
to live ordinary lives in an extraordinary awareness
and self-sacrifice for others, 
as seen in the example of your Son, 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Gathering our prayers and praises into one,
let us pray as our Savior has taught us.

- The Lord's Prayer

May our Lord Jesus Christ,
the One who came with grace and truth,
also fill our hearts with grace and truth,
as we serve him in the days ahead. Amen.
The psalms are from _Celebrating Common Prayer_ (Mowbray), (c) The Society of Saint Francis 1992, which is used with permission.

The biblical passage is from The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized
Edition), copyright (c) 1989, 1995 by the Division of Christian Education
of  the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. Used by
permission. All rights reserved.

The opening sentence is Psalm 66:1b,2a,16. The opening prayer of thanksgiving is by Laurence Hull Stookey and the closing sentence is reprinted by permission from _The Worship Sourcebook_, (c) 2004 CRC Publications.

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