OREMUS: How You Can Help Oremus

Steve Benner oremus at insight.rr.com
Fri Nov 7 15:37:24 GMT 2008

Dear Oremus subscribers,

As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of Oremus next week, I would like 
to ask for your help so that we can continue this service to the Church and 
wider internet community. You can make a gift to support our ministry by 
going to our website at http://www.oremus.org.

Also, if you have used religious, theological and liturgical books in need 
of new home, I am accepting donations at this time. I have several outlets 
for your books; some will be sold online to support my ministry at Oremus 
and others will be donated to other non-profits. I will reimburse you for 
any shipping costs (within the US). If you are interested in donating 
books, please contact me at oremus at insight.rr.com and I will give you 
further details.

Simon Kershaw and I thank you for your continued support and interest in 
our ministry. Much of this has been possible because of your generous 
support and because I am not currently employed in a parish.

Thank you for your continued prayers and blessings on you as you go on your 
journey through this life.
Steve Benner+

Steve Benner
Oremus -- http://www.oremus.org  

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