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OREMUS for Sunday, January 21, 2007 
The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

O Lord, open our lips.
And our mouth shall proclaim your praise.

Blessed are you, O Lord our God,
our source of joy,
for through your law and your prophets
you formed a people in mercy and freedom,
in justice and righteousness.
You give us courage and conviction
that we may joyfully turn and follow you
in faithful service led by the light of your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Blessed be God for ever!

An opening canticle may be sung. 


Psalm 119:153-176

Behold my affliction and deliver me,*
 for I do not forget your law.
Plead my cause and redeem me;*
 according to your promise, give me life.
Deliverance is far from the wicked,*
 for they do not study your statutes.
Great is your compassion, O Lord;*
 preserve my life, according to your judgements.
There are many who persecute and oppress me,*
 yet I have not swerved from your decrees.
I look with loathing at the faithless,*
 for they have not kept your word.
See how I love your commandments!*
 O Lord, in your mercy, preserve me.
The heart of your word is truth;*
 all your righteous judgements endure for evermore.

Rulers have persecuted me without a cause,*
 but my heart stands in awe of your word.
I am as glad because of your promise*
 as one who finds great spoils.
As for lies, I hate and abhor them,*
 but your law is my love.
Seven times a day do I praise you,*
 because of your righteous judgements.
Great peace have they who love your law;*
 for them there is no stumbling block.
I have hoped for your salvation, O Lord,*
 and I have fulfilled your commandments.
I have kept your decrees*
 and I have loved them deeply.
I have kept your commandments and decrees,*
 for all my ways are before you.

Let my cry come before you, O Lord;*
 give me understanding, according to your word.
Let my supplication come before you;*
 deliver me, according to your promise.
My lips shall pour forth your praise,*
 when you teach me your statutes.
My tongue shall sing of your promise,*
 for all your commandments are righteous.
Let your hand be ready to help me,*
 for I have chosen your commandments.
I long for your salvation, O Lord,*
 and your law is my delight.
Let me live and I will praise you,*
 and let your judgements help me.
I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost;*
 search for your servant,
   for I do not forget your commandments.

Benedicite: A Song of Creation

Bless the Lord all you works of the Lord:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord you heavens:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord you angels of the Lord:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord all people on earth:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

O people of God bless the Lord:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord you priests of the Lord:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord you servants of the Lord:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Bless the Lord all you of upright spirit:
 bless the Lord you that are holy and humble in heart;

Bless the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:
 sing his praise and exalt him for ever.

Psalm 117

Praise the Lord, all you nations;*
 laud him, all you peoples.
For his loving-kindness towards us is great,*
 and the faithfulness of the Lord endures for ever.

FIRST READING [Jeremiah 36:1-10]:

In the fourth year of King Jehoiakim son of Josiah of
Judah, this word came to Jeremiah from the Lord: Take a
scroll and write on it all the words that I have spoken
to you against Israel and Judah and all the nations, from
the day I spoke to you, from the days of Josiah until
today. It may be that when the house of Judah hears of
all the disasters that I intend to do to them, all of
them may turn from their evil ways, so that I may forgive
their iniquity and their sin.
Then Jeremiah called Baruch son of Neriah, and Baruch
wrote on a scroll at Jeremiah's dictation all the words
of the Lord that he had spoken to him. And Jeremiah
ordered Baruch, saying, 'I am prevented from entering the
house of the Lord; so you go yourself, and on a fast day
in the hearing of the people in the Lord's house you
shall read the words of the Lord from the scroll that you
have written at my dictation. You shall read them also in
the hearing of all the people of Judah who come up from
their towns. It may be that their plea will come before
the Lord, and that all of them will turn from their evil
ways, for great is the anger and wrath that the Lord has
pronounced against this people.' And Baruch son of Neriah
did all that the prophet Jeremiah ordered him about
reading from the scroll the words of the Lord in the
Lord's house.
In the fifth year of King Jehoiakim son of Josiah of
Judah, in the ninth month, all the people in Jerusalem
and all the people who came from the towns of Judah to
Jerusalem proclaimed a fast before the Lord. Then, in the
hearing of all the people, Baruch read the words of
Jeremiah from the scroll, in the house of the Lord, in
the chamber of Gemariah son of Shaphan the secretary,
which was in the upper court, at the entry of the New
Gate of the Lord's house. 

Words: Copyright (c) 2003 Vincent Uher.
All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.
Tune: Munich, Thornbury

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Christ be our sure foundation.
Christ be our cornerstone.
Build up from every nation
a people of your own.
Blest through your font of mercy,
blest be each living stone
of faith alive in witness
Fair Christ, by all be known.

The art of Christian living
adorns each day like dawn,
the work of Christ the Master
through people weak and strong.
Those hurt hands fashion wonders
with thorns, wood, nails and sin
till we shine like church windows,
bright Light of Christ within.

Beyond the words of sages,
more sure than scholars' claims,
You are the one who answers
and knows us by our names.
You know how we are tempted
to doubt and lose our way.
Be first in all our thinking
and last at end of day.

O Jesus, ever near us,
uplifting us through fears,
your tender mercies give us
the strength to stand through tears.
Your pow'rful arms embrace us
when we are at our end.
Christ, carry us to safety
with you all time to spend.

SECOND READING [1 Corinthians 14:1-12]:

Pursue love and strive for the spiritual gifts, and especially that you may prophesy. For
those who speak in a tongue do not speak to other people but to God; for nobody
understands them, since they are speaking mysteries in the Spirit. On the other hand,
those who prophesy speak to other people for their building up and encouragement
and consolation. Those who speak in a tongue build up themselves, but those who
prophesy build up the church. Now I would like all of you to speak in tongues, but
even more to prophesy. One who prophesies is greater than one who speaks in
tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be built up.
Now, brothers and sisters, if I come to you speaking in tongues, how will I benefit you
unless I speak to you in some revelation or knowledge or prophecy or teaching? It is
the same way with lifeless instruments that produce sound, such as the flute or the
harp. If they do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is being played?
And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle? So with
yourselves; if in a tongue you utter speech that is not intelligible, how will anyone
know what is being said? For you will be speaking into the air. There are doubtless
many different kinds of sounds in the world, and nothing is without sound. If then I do
not know the meaning of a sound, I will be a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker
a foreigner to me. So with yourselves; since you are eager for spiritual gifts, strive to
excel in them for building up the church. 

The Benedictus (Morning), 
the Magnificat (Evening), or 
Nunc dimittis (Night) may follow.

Lord and Source of all gifts,
we rejoice in the fullness of your holy generosity.
Hear us as we pray, responding: "hear our prayer."

We thank you for the gift of change,
that gift of newness
that opens doors closed by habit and routine. 
We also thank you
for that which is stable and unchanging,
for the ancient and traditional,
which gives meaning to the new and different.

Lord, when we cry to you,
hear our prayer.

We thank you, the Goal of all our longing,
for the capacity for change in our lives,
for change brings about growth and true life.
We pray for the Anglican Communion,
as we go through this period of growth and change.
Help us to recognize that our calling is from you, O Lord.

Lord, when we cry to you,
hear our prayer.

We are grateful for those persons
who, through their gift of excitement and adventure,
have taught us not to fear change nor to resist the new.
We give thanks for children, students,
and every person who comes to this place. 

Lord, when we cry to you,
hear our prayer.

We pray for those who are facing change 
in their daily lives,
for those facing relationship difficulties or trouble at home;
we pray for those for whom our prayers have been asked...

Lord, when we cry to you,
hear our prayer.

We are thankful for your Son, your Sacred Word,
who spoke to us of new wine for new wine skins
and who calls us daily to a new covenant in his new kingdom.

Lord, when we cry to you,
hear our prayer.

May our hearts be ever-changing,
ever in growth,
as we journey to you, our Source,
forever fresh and new, yet forever the same. Amen.
Rejoicing in the presence of God here among us,
let us pray in faith and trust:

- The Lord's Prayer

Pour your Spirit on us today,
that we who are Christ's body
may bear your good news to all who seek you. Amen.

The psalms and the invitation to the Lord's Prayer are from _Celebrating Common
Prayer_ (Mowbray), (c) The Society of Saint Francis 1992, which is used with

The canticle is from _Common Worship: Daily Prayer, Preliminary
Edition_, copyright (c) The Archbishops' Council, 2002.

The biblical passage is from The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized
Edition), copyright (c) 1989, 1995 by the Division of Christian Education
of  the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. Used by
permission. All rights reserved.

The opening prayer of thanksgiving and the closing sentence are adapted from
prayers reprinted from _Revised Common Lectionary Prayers_,
copyright (c) 2002 Consultation on Common Texts.

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