OREMUS: 12 June 2006

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OREMUS for Monday, June 12, 2006 

O Lord, open our lips.
And our mouth shall proclaim your praise.

Blessed are you, Sovereign God, creator of all,
to you be glory and praise for ever.
You founded the earth in the beginning
and the heavens are the work of your hands.
In the fullness of time you made us in your image, 
and in these last days you have spoken to us
in your Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.
As we rejoice in the gift of your presence among us
let the light of your love always shine in our hearts,
your Spirit ever renew our lives
and your praises ever be on our lips.
For these and all your mercies, we praise you, 
Father, Son and Holy Spirit:
Blessed be God for ever!

An opening canticle may be sung. 


Psalm 80

Hear, O Shepherd of Israel, leading Joseph like a flock;*
 shine forth, you that are enthroned upon the cherubim.
In the presence of Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh,*
 stir up your strength and come to help us.
Restore us, O God of hosts;*
 show the light of your countenance
   and we shall be saved.
O Lord God of hosts,*
 how long will you be angered
   despite the prayers of your people?
You have fed them with the bread of tears;*
 you have given them bowls of tears to drink.
You have made us the derision of our neighbours,*
 and our enemies laugh us to scorn.
Restore us, O God of hosts;*
 show the light of your countenance
   and we shall be saved.
You have brought a vine out of Egypt;*
 you cast out the nations and planted it.
You prepared the ground for it;*
 it took root and filled the land.
The mountains were covered by its shadow*
 and the towering cedar trees by its boughs.
You stretched out its tendrils to the Sea*
 and its branches to the River.
Why have you broken down its wall,*
 so that all who pass by pluck off its grapes?
The wild boar of the forest has ravaged it,*
 and the beasts of the field have grazed upon it.
Turn now, O God of hosts, look down from heaven;
   behold and tend this vine;*
 preserve what your right hand has planted.
They burn it with fire like rubbish;*
 at the rebuke of your countenance let them perish.
Let your hand be upon the man of your right hand,*
 the son of man you have made so strong for yourself.
And so will we never turn away from you;*
 give us life, that we may call upon your name.
Restore us, O Lord God of hosts;*
 show the light of your countenance
   and we shall be saved.

A Song of Divine Love (1 Corinthians 13:4-13)

Love is patient and kind,
 love is not jealous or boastful,
 it is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way,
 It is not angry or resentful.

It does not rejoice in wrongdoing
 but rejoices in the truth.

Love bears all things and believes all things;
 love hopes all things and endures all things.

Love will never come to an end,
 but prophecy will vanish,
 tongues cease and knowledge pass away.

Now we know only in part
 and we prophesy only in part,

But when the perfect comes,
 the partial shall pass away.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child,
 I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.

But when I became mature,
 I put an end to childish ways.

For now we see only puzzling reflections in a mirror,
 but then we will see face to face.

Now I know only in part;
 then I shall know fully,
 even as I have been fully known.

There are three things that last for ever,
  faith, hope and love,
 but the greatest of these is love.

Psalm 150

   Praise God in his holy temple;*
 praise him in the firmament of his power.
Praise him for his mighty acts;*
 praise him for his excellent greatness.
Praise him with the blast of the ram's-horn;*
 praise him with lyre and harp.
Praise him with timbrel and dance;*
 praise him with strings and pipe.
Praise him with resounding cymbals;*
 praise him with loud-clanging cymbals.
Let everything that has breath*
 praise the Lord.

READING [1 Samuel 9:1-4,15-19,26-10:1]:

There was a man of Benjamin whose name was Kish son of Abiel son of Zeror son of
Becorath son of Aphiah, a Benjaminite, a man of wealth. He had a son whose name
was Saul, a handsome young man. There was not a man among the people of Israel
more handsome than he; he stood head and shoulders above everyone else.
Now the donkeys of Kish, Saul's father, had strayed. So Kish said to his son Saul,
'Take one of the boys with you; go and look for the donkeys.' He passed through the
hill country of Ephraim and passed through the land of Shalishah, but they did not find
them. And they passed through the land of Shaalim, but they were not there. Then he
passed through the land of Benjamin, but they did not find them.
Now the day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed to Samuel: 'Tomorrow about
this time I will send to you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you shall anoint him
to be ruler over my people Israel. He shall save my people from the hand of the
Philistines; for I have seen the suffering of my people, because their outcry has come
to me.' When Samuel saw Saul, the Lord told him, 'Here is the man of whom I spoke
to you. He it is who shall rule over my people.' Then Saul approached Samuel inside
the gate, and said, 'Tell me, please, where is the house of the seer?' Samuel answered
Saul, 'I am the seer; go up before me to the shrine, for today you shall eat with me,
and in the morning I will let you go and will tell you all that is on your mind. Then at
the break of dawn Samuel called to Saul upon the roof, 'Get up, so that I may send
you on your way.' Saul got up, and both he and Samuel went out into the street.
As they were going down to the outskirts of the town, Samuel said to Saul, 'Tell the
boy to go on before us, and when he has passed on, stop here yourself for a while, that
I may make known to you the word of God.'
Samuel took a phial of oil and poured it on his head, and kissed him; he said, 'The
Lord has anointed you ruler over his people Israel. You shall reign over the people of
the Lord and you will save them from the hand of their enemies all around. Now this
shall be the sign to you that the Lord has anointed you ruler over his heritage: 

For another Biblical reading,
Luke 10:25-37

Words: Samuel John Stone, 1868
Tune: Aurelia
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The Church's one foundation
is Jesus Christ her Lord;
she is his new creation,
by water and the word:
from heaven he came and sought her
to be his holy bride;
with his own blood he bought her,
and for her life he died.

Elect from every nation,
yet one o'er all the earth,
her charter of salvation,
one Lord, one faith, one birth;
one holy Name she blesses,
partakes one holy food,
and to one hope she presses,
with every grace endued.

Though with a scornful wonder
men see her sore oppressed,
by schisms rent asunder,
by heresies distressed;
yet saints their watch are keeping,
their cry goes up, "How long?"
and soon the night of weeping
shall be the morn of song.

Mid toil and tribulation,
and tumult of her war
she waits the consummation
of peace for evermore;
till with the vision glorious
her longing eyes are blessed,
and the great Church victorious
shall be the Church at rest.

Yet she on earth hath union
with God, the Three in one,
and mystic sweet communion
with those whose rest is won.
O happy ones and holy!
Lord, give us grace that we
like them, the meek and lowly,
on high may dwell with thee.

The Benedictus (Morning), the 
Magnificat (Evening), or 
Nunc dimittis (Night) may follow.

There is one body and one spirit,
one hope in God's call to us;
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism,
One God and Father of all.

Let us pray for the Church, responding "Lord, hear our prayer."

For your holy catholic Church, 
in all times and in all places, 
that it may continually be filled with the grace 
of your Son our Savior, Jesus Christ, 
we pray to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer.

For the Anglican Communion, 
that in breadth of spirit and depth of devotion 
it may constantly rediscover its character as a church for all people, 
and that it may reach out to all peoples everywhere 
for the sake of truth and in obedience to the Gospel, 
we pray to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer.

For the forgiveness of our sins: 
for failure to love you with our whole heart and our neighbors as ourselves, 
that you will renew us as one body and one spirit in Christ, 
that we may worthily serve the world in his name, 
we pray to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer.

In thanksgiving for your blessings: 
for the challenges and opportunities you give us 
to grow in understanding and cooperaton in your Chuch, 
that as many members of one body 
we may continually be transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus, 
we pray to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer.

In hope for the future, 
that you will raise up glodly leaders, 
grant us a clear vision, 
and give us both abiding trust and steadfast hearts for the days to come, 
we pray to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear our prayer.

God our Wisdom, who eternally makes all things new:
encourage by your Holy Spirit
those who labor together
for the building up of your world and your Church;
counsel them when to act and when to wait;
turn their hearts always toward those in greatest need,
and away from their own preoccupations and fears;
help them never forget that love and mercy are your greatest gifts
given us all to offer one another
as we see in them Jesus Christ who alone
is our joy, our way, our truth, and our life. Amen.
Gathering our prayers and praises into one,
let us pray as our Savior has taught us.

- The Lord's Prayer

O Lord our God,
grant us grace to desire you with our whole heart;
that so desiring, we may seek and find you;
and so finding, may love you;
and so loving, may hate those sins
from which you have delivered us;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.

The psalms are from _Celebrating Common Prayer_ (Mowbray),
(c) The Society of Saint Francis 1992, which is used with permission.

The canticle, the opening thanksgiving and the invitation to the Lord's Prayer
from _Common Worship: Daily Prayer, Preliminary Edition_,
copyright (c) The Archbishops' Council, 2002.

The biblical passage is from The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized
Edition), copyright (c) 1989, 1995 by the Division of Christian Education
of  the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. Used by
permission. All rights reserved.

The opening prayer of thanksgiving is adapted from _Common
WorshipServices and Prayers for the Church of England_, material from
which is included in this service is copyright (c) The Archbishops' Council,

The closing sentence is attributed to Saint Anselm and is from _Common
Worship: Services and Prayers for the Church of England_, material from
which is included in this service is copyright (c) The Archbishops'
Council, 2000., 2002.

The intercession is an abbreviated form of a litany by The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer written for General
Convention 2006; the collect is by Jennifer Phillips, also written for General Convention 2006. 

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