CW Almanac update

Simon Kershaw simon at
Sat Oct 29 19:04:17 GMT 2011

I thought I'd send you all an update on the CW Almanac as I have today 
added some useful new functionality.

If you have included in your download the Lectionary link info ('include 
for each day a weblink to more detailed lectionary information for that 
day') then you will find that there is now more information at the end 
of that link. As well as all the lectionary details that are available 
in the calendar download, the bible references are all clickable links 
which will display the text of the passage.

There are also links to Morning, Evening and Night Prayer according to 
CW and 1662 BCP, which are fully worked out for each day. We maintain 
these online offices on behalf of the official CofE CW website and they 
are available for up to 4 weeks in advance (and indefinitely in the past).

I am working on a more sophisticated system, but this is I hope a 
helpful interim stage.


Simon Kershaw
simon at
Saint Ives, Cambridgeshire

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