CW lectionary for 2007-8

Simon Kershaw simon at
Wed May 30 18:12:36 GMT 2007

I am pleased to announce that my Common Worship lectionary for the year 
beginning Advent Sunday 2007 is now available.

You can download the lectionary file from
and follow the link to the 2008 files.

The lectionary is available as a Palm desktop archive (.dba) file for 
importing to Palm Desktop for Windows, and as vCal files for import to 
Palm Desktop for Mac, and Palm Desktop for Windows. Also available is an 
iCalendar file for import to Apple iCal, and a csv file which can be 
imported into MS Outlook.

Naturally we hope that it is free of errors, but as usual we must 
disclaim responsibility for the effects of any errors. Our liability is 
limited to providing a corrected file for import. Please help by 
notifying me of possible errors.

You are receiving this email because you have previously expressed an 
interest in receiving news about the availability of this lectionary. 
Should you no longer be interested then please drop me a line and I will 
remove your address from my list. I don't intend to sell your email 
address, and it will be used solely to notify you of the next lectionary 
or of important updates. (You can remove your name from the list or 
change the email address recorded for you via the web page at

As in previous years, I also draw your attention to another utility to 
generate a calendar import file containing the times of sunrise and 
sunset for your location. Just enter a UK postcode, and the times will 
be calculated especially for you! Now you can determine whether it will 
be dark for your Easter vigil, wherever you are in the UK, not just in 
London. You can find this utility at

with best wishes,

Simon Kershaw

Simon Kershaw
simon at
Saint Ives, Cambridgeshire

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