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Prayers from the Book of Common Order

Copyright Panel on Worship of the Church of Scotland

Reproduced by permission. All rights reserved.






Published by St Andrew Press, 

121 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN

ISBN 0 7152 0721 0







for new year


Eternal God,

your everlasting mercy

rises new in the morning of another year.

Give us grace to arise with Christ

who is our morning light.

In this new year of our life's journey,

may we walk by faith in him,

and with a willing spirit

persevere to the end;

through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.



for harvest


God of faithfulness,

your generous love supplies us

with the fruits of the earth in their seasons.

Give us grace to be thankful for your gifts,

to use them wisely,

and to share our plenty with others;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




in time of an election


Almighty God,

you are the source of wisdom and justice.

Guide those who at this time are called

to choose representatives to serve

in the High Court of Parliament

(or the Council of this Region or District),

that they may cast their vote

with a true sense of their responsibility.

Give those who are elected

the spirit of wisdom and of understanding,

that they may provide conditions

for a good and honest life for all the people;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



in time of industrial unrest


God of righteousness,

you have taught us through your Son

to set our minds on your kingdom and justice

before everything else.

Give us courage and energy at this time

to think for ourselves clearly and fairly,

to seek for the truth

and to follow it whatever the cost.

Help us to believe

that whatever is right is always possible,

and that what accords with the mind of Christ

is upheld by his almighty power.

Grant that in us and in others

suspicion may give place to trust,

and stridency to peace,

that we may live and work together

in unity and love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


after a disaster


Gracious God,

through your Son you have taught us

that nothing in life or in death

is able to separate us from your love.

Look in mercy on all

to whom great sorrow has come

through the A . . . in X . . .

Help those who are injured,

support those who are dying.

Strengthen the members

of the emergency services

(the appropriate services may be mentioned)

and all who bring relief and comfort.

Console and protect

those who have lost loved ones.

Give your light in darkness

to all who are near to despair,

and assure them that you hold all souls in life;

through Jesus Christ our risen Lord.



in time of war


God of infinite mercy,

we trust in your good purposes

of peace for all your children.

We pray for those who at this time

face danger in the defence of justice.

Watch over those in peril;

support those who are anxious for loved ones;

gather into your eternal purpose

those who will die.

Remove from the hearts of all people

the passions that keep alive the spirit of war,

and in your goodness restore peace among us;

for the sake of the Prince of peace,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


thanksgiving for peace


and for deliverance in any danger

Almighty God,

you are our refuge and our stronghold,

a timely help in trouble.

We give you praise and thanks

for our deliverance from those great dangers

which threatened (or compassed) us,

(and for your precious gift of peace).

Not to us, Lord, not to us

but to your name be glory,

for your goodness alone kept and preserved us.

Continue your mercies to us, we pray,

that we may always acknowledge

that you are our Saviour

and our mighty deliverer;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.























for absolution


Almighty God,

you gave your Son to be the sacrifice

to atone for the sins of the whole world.

Spare your servants who confess their faults,

and mercifully absolve them from their sins;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Almighty God,

you have promised in your mercy

to forgive the sins of all who turn to you

with hearty repentance and true faith.

Have mercy upon us, we pray;

pardon and deliver us from all our sins;

confirm and strengthen us in all goodness;

and bring us to everlasting life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty and merciful God,

you are more ready to hear than we to pray,

and you give more

than either we desire or deserve.

Pour down upon us

the abundance of your mercy.

Forgive us those things

of which our conscience is afraid,

and give us those good things

which we are not worthy to ask,

save through the merits and mediation

of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.


Holy God,

bring us to the cross of Jesus,

that we may find salvation.

Help us to know our sins and repent of them.

Give us your pardon and peace in our hearts;

and on the day of judgement,

show us your mercy;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for cheerfulness


God of hopefulness and joy,

give us a cheerful sense of our blessings.

Make us content with all that you provide for us.

Teach us that nothing can hurt us

since you hold us in your kind and loving hands.

Chase from our hearts all gloomy thoughts,

and make us glad with the brightness of hope;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for courage


God of might and valour,

your grace is all we need.

In our weakness give us strength:

support us in temptation;

make us bold in time of danger;

give us fresh vigour when we lose heart;

and help us to do your work

with a good courage,

for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.



for courtesy


Loving God,

you call us to follow the pattern of graciousness

we see in the life of your Son.

Help us to be courteous and considerate

to all with whom we share our lives.

Fill us with respect for others,

save us from self-conceit,

and grant that no rivalry,

no flare of temper,

may spring up among us.

May your holy peace rest upon us,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for diligence


God of faithfulness and love,

your Son taught us that while daylight lasts

we must carry on your work,

for night is coming, when no one can work.

Keep us from sloth and idleness,

and from the misuse of the talents

you have entrusted to us.

Help us to perform our duties

with cheerfulness and care,

and to do everything with single-mindedness,

out of reverence for the Lord,

Jesus Christ, your Son, our Saviour.



for enthusiasm


Teach us, good Lord,

to serve you as you deserve;

to give and not to count the cost;

to fight and not to heed the wounds;

to toil and not to seek for rest;

to labour and not to ask for any reward

save that of knowing that we do your will;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for faith


Almighty and eternal God:

our eyes cannot see you,

our hands cannot touch you.

You are beyond the understanding of our minds.

Yet you have breathed your Spirit

into our spirits.

You have formed our minds to seek you,

inclined our hearts to love you,

called us to be heirs of your eternal kingdom.

Give us faith to lay hold of things unseen,

to live as those who see the invisible God.

Bring us at the last

to those things beyond our seeing,

beyond our hearing,

beyond our imagining,

to the vision of your glory

when we shall see you face to face;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for fortitude


God of grace and glory,

you have called us to take hold of eternal life.

Help us to run with resolution

the race that lies before us,

our eyes fixed on Jesus,

the pioneer and perfecter of faith.

May he always be to us

the pattern we follow,

the redeemer we trust,

the master we serve,

and the friend to whom we turn.

Keep us faithful till death,

and bring us at the last

into your eternal presence

to receive the crown of life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for a generous spirit


Loving God,

you are a generous giver,

neither grudging nor reproachful.

Keep us from envying

the good enjoyed by others.

Teach us to be thankful

for what they have and we have not,

and to delight in

what they can achieve and we cannot.

Make us generous of praise

and slow to criticize,

in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.



for grace


Spirit of love and gentleness,

shed abroad in our hearts

the cheering light of your sevenfold grace.

You know our faults,

our failings,

our necessities,

the dullness of our understanding,

the waywardness of our affections,

the perverseness of our will.

When we neglect to practise what we know,

visit us with your grace.

Enlighten our minds,

rectify our desires,

correct our wanderings,

so that, guided by your grace,

we may be preserved

from making shipwreck of faith,

and at length be landed safe

in the haven of eternal rest;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




for guidance and protection


God of light and love,

in your tender compassion you sent your Son

to shine on those who sit in darkness

and to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Grant us, in our doubts and uncertainties,

the grace to ask what you would have us do.

By your Spirit of wisdom,

save us from false choices.

And since it is by your light

that we are enlightened,

lead us and protect us,

and give us a straight path to follow,

that we may neither stumble nor fall;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Guide us, Lord,

in all our doings with your gracious favour,

and further us with your continual help;

that in all our works,

begun, continued, and ended in you,

we may glorify your holy name,

and by your mercy attain everlasting life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for hope


God, ground of our hope,

when we are cast down or dismayed,

keep alive in us your spirit of hope.

Fill us with all joy and peace

as we lead the life of faith,

until, by the power of the Holy Spirit,

we overflow with hope;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for inner peace


Set free, O Lord, the souls of your servants

from all restlessness and anxiety.

Give us your peace and power,

and so keep us that,

in all perplexity and distress,

we may abide in you,

upheld by your strength

and stayed on the rock of your faithfulness;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


O God,

you are the author of peace

and lover of concord.

To know you is eternal life,

to serve you is perfect freedom.

Defend us your servants

from all assaults of our enemies;

that we may trust in your defence,

and not fear the power of any adversaries;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


O God,

you are the source of all good desires,

all right judgements, and all just works.

Give to your servants that peace

which the world cannot give;

that our hearts may be set

to obey your commandments,

and that, freed from fear of our enemies,

we may pass our time in rest and quietness;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for joy


Creator God,

you have made the heavens and the earth

and all that is good and lovely in them.

You have shown us through Jesus our Lord

that the secret of joy

is a heart set free from selfish desires.

Help us to find delight in simple things,

and always to rejoice

in the richness of your bounty;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for kindness


Lord Jesus Christ,

your kindly Spirit sets us free

from hastiness and angry tempers,

from harshness and ill-will.

Help us so to live

in the brightness of your presence,

that we may bring your sunshine

into cloudy places.

Take our hands and work with them;

take our lips and speak through them;

take our minds and think with them;

take our hearts and set them on fire

with love for you and all your people;

for your name's sake. Amen.


for knowledge of God


Almighty God,

in you we live and move and have our being.

You have made us for yourself,

so that our hearts are restless

till they rest in you.

Give us such purity of heart

and strength of purpose,

that no selfish passion

may hinder us from knowing your will

and no weakness prevent us from doing it.

In your light may we see light,

and in your service find our perfect freedom;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



God of grace and truth,

you are the light of the minds that know you,

the life of the souls that love you,

and the strength of the hearts that serve you.

Help us so to know you

that we may truly love you,

and so to love you that we may fully serve you,

whom to serve is perfect freedom;

through Jesus our Lord.




for love


God of all goodness and grace,

you are worthy of a greater love

than we can either give or understand.

Fill our hearts with such love for you,

that nothing may seem too hard for us

to do or to suffer

in obedience to your will.

And grant that, loving you,

we may daily become more like you,

and finally obtain the crown of life

which you have promised

to those who love you;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


God of love,

through your Son

you gave us a new commandment,

to love one another as he loved us.

In his Spirit we ask you

for a mind forgetful of past injury,

a will to seek the good of others

and a heart full of love to all;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for an open mind


God of eternal truth and goodness,

keep us alert to the least hint of your will,

that we may welcome all truth,

however it comes,

bless every good deed,

whoever does it,

and receive new thoughts with grace,

from whatever source they spring;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for patience


Bless us, O God,

with the vision of your being and beauty,

that in the strength of it

we may be neither hasty

nor slothful in our work.

And give us the grace to be patient with others

as you are patient with us,

that we may gently bear with their faults

while we strive at all times to root out our own;

for your mercy's sake.



for purity


Holy God,

your eyes are too pure to look on evil,

you cannot countenance wrongdoing.

Fill us entirely with your love,

that our thoughts may be sincere,

our words true,

our deeds kind,

and all our life be pure.

Help us so to overcome

the temptations of this present world

that we shall be made partakers

of the glories of the world to come;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for reverence


God of goodness, beauty, and truth,

grant us sound judgement

to search out and praise what pleases you best

and to prize what is precious to you.

Give us a devout reverence for all your works,

and make us day by day

more aware of your presence,

till we come to see you face to face in heaven;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for self-control


Almighty God,

through Jesus Christ your Son

you call us to refuse the evil

and to choose the good.

Grant us eagerness to hear his teaching,

readiness to obey his commandments,

and devotion to give ourselves to his service,

with no reserve and no delay.



for selflessness


To you, merciful God,

we commend ourselves

and all who need your help.

Where there is hatred, give love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is sadness, joy;

where there is darkness, light.

Grant that we may not seek so much

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love.

For in giving we receive,

in pardoning we are pardoned,

in dying we are born into eternal life. Amen.


for a spiritual mind


Almighty God,

you alone can bring order

to the unruly wills and passions of sinful people.

Give us grace to love what you command

and to desire what you promise,

that, in all the changes and chances of this world,

our hearts may be surely fixed

where true joys are to be found,

in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for strength


God of might and power,

you support us in danger

and carry us through temptation.

Give us grace to trust in you

that, though by nature we are frail and weak,

we may stand upright in any time of trial;

through the strength of him

who makes us more than conquerors,

even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for temperance


Almighty and gracious God,

you open your hand

and fill the world with plenty.

Teach us to use your gifts

with gladness and care,

that no goodness of yours may become for us

an occasion of selfishness and greed,

and that in the strength of your provision

we may faithfully serve you here

and be counted worthy to be made partakers

of your eternal kingdom;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for a tranquil spirit



support us all the day long of this troublous life,

until the shadows lengthen

and the evening comes,

the busy world is hushed,

the fever of life is over,

and our work done.

Then, Lord, in your mercy,

grant us safe lodging,

a holy rest,

and peace at the last;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for truthfulness


God, the Father of Jesus Christ and our Father,

you sent your Spirit of truth to us

to guide us into all the truth.

Rule our lives by your love and power,

that no fear of danger, no hope of reward

may make us false in act or speech or thought.

Save us from all that would make us

love a lie or practise deceit,

and make us truthful

with the truth that sets us free;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for zeal


God of unfailing power,

you give vigour to the weary,

fresh hope to the exhausted.

We look to you to win new strength,

that we may soar as on eagles' wings,

run and not feel faint,

march on and not grow weary.

Keep us aglow with your Spirit,

that with unflagging zeal

we may serve the Lord. Amen.



















for our absent friends


God our Father,

you are present to your people everywhere.

We pray for those we love who are far away.

Watch over them and protect them.

Keep far from them

all that would hurt the body and harm the soul.

Give to them and to us

the assurance of the strength and peace

of your presence,

and keep us all so near to you

that we will be for ever near to one another.

In your good time,

may we renew our fellowship on earth,

and at the last

come to the unbroken fellowship

of the Father's house in heaven;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for agriculture and fishing


Almighty God, Creator of all,

you have blessed land and sea

and made them fruitful:

we depend on your bounty for our daily food.

We thank you for your goodness,

and seek your blessing on those who work

at sea or on the land.

As they fulfil the duties

and face the dangers of their calling

may they know the strength of your protection.

By the good results of their labours,

may our needs be met,

our lives nourished,

and our hands opened in generosity

to the needs of others;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for all people


God of all nations,

your love is without limit and without end.

Enlarge our vision

of your redeeming purpose for all people.

By the example of your Son,

make us ready to serve the needs

of the whole world.

May neither pride of race nor hardness of heart

make us despise any

for whom Christ died

or injure any in whom he lives;

through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.



for the arts


God of light and love,

your Spirit leads us to desire you,

the perfection of goodness,

the fountain of truth,

the vision of beauty.

We aspire to your perfection,

we seek your truth,

we rejoice in your beauty.

We praise you for every way the arts

reflect your loveliness

and lift the human spirit into heaven.

Continue to inspire thinkers and writers,

artists and authors, composers and craftsmen,

directors and performers,

that they may play their part

in making the heart of the people wise,

their mind sound, and their will just;

to the honour of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for Christian Unity


Lord God,

we thank you for calling us

into the company of those who trust in Christ

and seek to obey his will.

You have made us strangers no longer

but pilgrims together

on the way to your kingdom.

Guide us closer to you and to one another

in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace,

and strengthen us together

in mission and service to your world;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for the Church


Most gracious God,

we humbly pray for your holy catholic Church.

Fill it with all truth;

in all truth with all peace.

Where it is corrupt, purge it;

where it is in error, direct it;

where anything is amiss, reform it;

where it is right, strengthen and confirm it;

where it is in want, furnish it;

where it is divided, heal it,

and unite it in your love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for civic occasions


Lord of our life and God of our salvation,

we ask your blessing on all that is best about us,

and your forgiveness

for anything that has fallen short

of the greatness of the past,

the hopes of the present,

and the call to higher things in the future.

Guide those who direct the affairs

of this Region (or District).

Sustain them in their work,

support them in their anxieties,

and strengthen them in their resolve

to seek and pursue

the well-being of all the people.

Give them joy in their service,

due pride in their successes,

and the approval of a good conscience

in all their endeavours.

And so work among us

by your good and kindly Spirit,

that our community

(or city, town, Region, District)

may be renewed in beauty and order,

in happiness and peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for the coming of Christ's kingdom


Lord God, Sovereign over all,

bring in the day

of the splendour of your kingdom

and draw the whole world

into willing obedience to your reign.

Cast out the evil things that cause war,

and send your Spirit to rule the hearts of people

in righteousness and love.

Repair the desolations of many generations,

that the wilderness may rejoice,

and the city be made glad with your law.

Confirm every work that is founded on truth,

and fulfil the desires and hopes of your people,

through the victory of Christ our Lord.



for the Commonwealth


Eternal God,

bless our Commonwealth of nations.

Give us, of whatever race or tongue,

peace and prosperity,

sound government and just laws,

simplicity and justice

in our relations with one another,

and a spirit of service to all the world;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

for those in the Community Services


God of all life,

you call us to live in community

and teach us to care for one another

after the pattern

of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.

We pray for those whose position and authority

affect the lives of others.

Inspire them with a vision

of the community as it might be,

where love of neighbour

and concern for one another

drive out discontent and strife, anxiety and fear.

Help us all to work together

with one heart and will,

with sympathy and understanding,

to serve the common good,

to minister to people in trouble and despair,

and to multiply true happiness among us;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for education and learning


God of truth and love, the only wise God,

you have commanded us to love you

with all our mind.

So bless the work of schools

and colleges and universities,

that in them the truth may never be denied,

betrayed, concealed,

but be honoured, followed, and obeyed.

Guide teachers and students in their endeavours

to seek and serve the truth:

may their learning

never cut them off from the community,

but lead them towards

enlarged and selfless service.

Grant that learning may flourish among us,

as a means both of enriching our lives

and of drawing us nearer to you

from whom all truth proceeds;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for the environment


Creator God,

you made all things

and all you made was very good.

Show us how to respect

the fragile balance of life.

Guide by your wisdom those who have power

to care for or to destroy the environment,

that by the decisions they make

life may be cherished

and a good and fruitful earth

be preserved for future generations;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for the Forces of the Crown


Almighty God,

in you alone we find safety and peace.

We commend to your gracious keeping

all the men and women who serve

in the Navy, the Army, or the Air Force,

who face danger and put their lives at risk

so that others might live in safety.

Defend them day by day

by your heavenly power;

and help them to know

that they can never pass

beyond the reach of your care.

Keep alive in them and in us

your vision of that peace

which alone we must seek and serve;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for the General Assembly


Almighty God,

your Son promised his disciples

that he would be with them always.

Hear the prayer we offer for your servants

now (to meet) met in General Assembly.

May your Holy Spirit rest on them:

a spirit of wisdom and understanding,

a spirit of counsel and power,

a spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord.

Grant them vision and courage;

unite them in love and peace;

teach them to be trustworthy stewards

of your truth.

And so guide them in all their doings

that your kingdom may be advanced,

your people confirmed in their most holy faith,

and your unfailing love

declared to all the world;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for home and family



you have been our home

in every generation.

Defend our homes against all evil;

surround them with your presence,

and make them sanctuaries

of your peace and joy.

Bless those dear to us, wherever they may be,

and grant that they and we

may dwell together in the shelter of your love,

until we come at last

into the Father's house in heaven,

the family of God complete;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for those who are homeless


Almighty God,

your Son had nowhere to lay his head.

Have compassion on those who are homeless

or who live in overcrowded conditions.

Give them strength and hope,

and keep them close to you.

Help us to work and pray

for the day when all your children

are housed and healthy

and free to live full and happy lives;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




for hospitals and healing


God of love,

your Son brought healing to the sick

and hope to the despairing.

We pray for all who suffer pain,

or who bear the burden of illness,

or who have to undergo an operation.

Give them the comfort and strength

of your presence,

and surround them

with your healing love and power.

May they know the fellowship of Christ

who bore pain and suffering for us,

and at the last won victory over death.

Bless those who share with Christ

a healing ministry,

researchers, doctors, surgeons, nurses.

Use their sympathy and skill

for the relief of suffering,

the conquest of disease,

and the restoration of health;

and crown all their efforts with good success;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for those who are hungry


God our Father,

in the name of him

who gave bread to the hungry,

we remember all

who through our human ignorance,

folly, and sin

are condemned to live in want.

Show us, who have so much,

what we can do

to help those who have so little;

and bless the efforts of those

who work to overcome poverty and hunger,

that sufficient food may be found for all;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for industry and commerce


Living God,

you are the source of wisdom and power.

You have given us the resources of the earth,

and the skills to use them.

By your wisdom, we manufacture and distribute

all that is necessary for our daily lives.

We pray for the industry of our land.

Increase understanding and co-operation,

that differences may be resolved

fairly and without bitterness,

our commerce prosper in equity and peace,

and the ordered life of our country

be maintained justly

for the benefit of all the people;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for the mission of the Church


Loving God,

you sent your Son into the world

that all might live through him.

You gave your Holy Spirit to the apostles

to empower them

to preach the message of your truth.

Pour out the same Spirit on your Church,

that she may proclaim to all people

the gospel of the love of Christ,

till all are gathered into your kingdom,

and your glory covers the earth

as the waters fill the sea.



Eternal God,

you have shown yourself

to the world in many ways

and have never left yourself

without witness in human lives.

Hear our prayer for people

whose faith and customs differ from ours.

Make us eager to learn from them,

as well as ready to share with them

the truth you have given us

in Jesus Christ our Lord.



for the Nation


God of righteousness,

hear our prayer for the life of our country.

Bless the Queen

and those in positions of authority.

Bless the people:

rule their hearts and encourage

their endeavours for good.

Help us to seek service before privilege,

public prosperity before private gain,

and the honour of your name

before the popularity of our own.

Give us liberty, peace, and joy,

and bind us in service to the community

and in loyalty to you;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for those in need


God of all grace and comfort,

hear our prayer for those who are unhappy,

who are lonely or neglected,

who are damaged or abused,

or whose life is darkened

by fear or pain or sorrow.

Give us grace to help them when we can.

Give them faith

to look beyond their troubles to you,

their heavenly father and unfailing friend,

that they may take up the threads of life again

and go on their way with fresh courage

and renewed hope;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



for peace


Almighty God,

all thoughts of truth and peace

proceed from you.

Kindle in the hearts of all people

the true love of peace.

Guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom

those who (at this time) take counsel

for the nations of the earth;

that in tranquillity your kingdom

may go forward,

till the earth is filled

with the knowledge of your love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty God,

your Son came to be the Saviour of the world

and the Prince of peace.

Give us grace to follow in his ways

and to fulfil our calling

as peacemakers in his name.

May his Holy Spirit

so move in the hearts of all people

and among the nations of the world,

that the barriers of fear, suspicion, and hatred

which separate us may crumble and fall,

and the peoples of the world

be united in justice and peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for racial harmony


God and Father of all,

in your love

you made all the nations of the world

to be a family,

and your Son taught us to love one another.

Yet our world is riven apart

with prejudice, arrogance, and pride.

Help the different races

to love and understand one another better.

Increase among us sympathy,

tolerance, and goodwill,

that we may learn to appreciate the gifts

that other races bring to us,

and to see in all people

our brothers and sisters for whom Christ died.

Save us from jealousy, hatred, and fear,

and help us to live together

as members of one family at home in the world,

sons and daughters of one Father

who live in the liberty of the children of God;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for scientists


Almighty God, Creator and Lord of all,

we praise you for the knowledge given to us

to search out and harness

the hidden forces of nature.

Bless the work of those

who carry on the work of science

in all its many forms.

Grant with increasing knowledge

increasing wisdom,

that they may use

their discoveries and inventions

for the welfare of us all

and the glory of your name;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for space research


Eternal God,

your creative power makes the universe,

and your loving wisdom

gives us intelligence to explore it.

We pray for the safety

of those whose scientific skill

allows them to travel into space

and to probe infinity.

May space research be guided

by profound respect

for the integrity of creation,

that planet earth may be preserved

as a home for future generations,

and the universe resound with praise for you;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


for those who are unemployed


God of mercy and grace,

we commend to you

those who suffer through unemployment,

who would work but find no work to do,

whose gifts and energies seem not to be needed.

Support and strengthen them and their families.

May no bitterness of mind

blot out your love from their lives,

and may no hopelessness of heart

quench their spirits

or threaten their relationships.

In your love and by your mercy,

help those in authority to provide for them

the means of livelihood

that they may be set free from anxiety and fear

and be enabled to work in security and peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



















Confession 1


1 Holy God, righteous and merciful,

cleanse our minds and free our consciences

from the things that divide us from you.

We have shut our eyes to your glory,

our minds to your truth,

and our hearts to your Spirit.

And yet we want to love you, Lord,

to offer you true worship and joyful service.

Pardon and deliver us from all our sins;

and since all your paths are loving and sure,

guide us in the way we should go,

and lead us to life everlasting;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Confession 2


God of mercy and of grace,

you know the secrets of our hearts:

how blind we are to our own faults,

yet harsh in judging others;

how swift we are to take for gain,

yet slow to give for others;

how proud we are of our success,

yet grudging in our praise of others.

Remember, Lord,

your tender care and love unfailing.

Do not remember our sins and offences,

but remember us in your goodness,

in accordance with your endless mercy;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Confession 3


 Father in heaven,

your love brings

life to dead souls,

light to darkened minds,

strength to weak wills.

Help us to believe and trust

that no wrong we have done,

no good we have failed to do,

is too great for you to pardon

through the merits of Jesus Christ your Son.



Confession 4


God of all mercy,

give us grace to make a fresh start today.

We know we have not loved you

with our whole heart,

nor have we loved our neighbour as ourselves.

As we hope to be forgiven,

teach us also to forgive;

and lead us forward in a new life

where neither grudges

nor resentment have a part;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Confession 5


 God of mercy and truth,

we seek your forgiveness

for the sinful way we live.

We are unworthy to be your children,

unfit to be your servants.

We are burdened with memories

of things undone

that ought to have been done,

and of things done

that ought not to have been done.

Bring us afresh

the healing and cleansing power of your Spirit,

that we may lay hold of the salvation you offer

and walk in newness of life,

to the glory and praise of your name;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
















Thanksgiving 1


God of kindliness and grace,

we thank you for the joy we have in our homes;

for the comradeship of our colleagues at work;

for the delight we have in nature,

the refreshment we find in good company,

the renewal we gain from the arts;

for the patience and courage

of those who in the past fought for human rights,

and for the continuing service of those

who have a vision of the world

made fair and lovely.

In praising you for the service of others

and for your mercy given through them,

we offer you the service of our own lives;

through Jesus Christ our redeemer. Amen.


Thanksgiving 2


Almighty God, we give you thanks

for this life and all its blessings,

for joys great and simple,

for gifts and powers more than we deserve,

for love at the heart of your purpose

and surpassing wisdom in all your works,

for light in the world

brought once in Jesus Christ

and shining ever through his Spirit.

We pray, through Jesus Christ our Lord,

for that light to dawn upon us daily,

that we may always have a grateful heart,

and a will to love and serve you

to the end of our days.

Lord, hear our prayer and praises:

Alleluia, we bless you, O God. Amen.


Thanksgiving 3


Almighty God, Father of all mercies,

we, your unworthy servants,

give you most humble and hearty thanks

for all your goodness and loving kindness

to us and to all people.

We bless you for our creation, preservation,

and all the blessings of this life;

but above all for your immeasurable love

in the redemption of the world

by our Lord Jesus Christ,

for the means of grace,

and for the hope of glory.

Give us, we pray,

such a sense of all your mercies,

that, with truly thankful hearts,

we may show forth your praise,

not only with our lips but in our lives,

by giving up ourselves to your service,

and by walking before you in holiness

and righteousness all our days;

through Jesus Christ our Lord,

to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit,

be all honour and glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.


Thanksgiving 4


Lord our God,

source and giver of all good things,

we thank you for all your mercies

and for your loving care over all creation.

We bless you for the gift of life:

for your protection around us,

your guiding hand upon us,

your steadfast love within us.

We thank you for friendship and duty,

for good hopes and precious memories,

for joys that cheer us

and trials that teach us to trust in you.

Most of all, we thank you

for the saving knowledge

of your Son our Saviour,

for the living presence of your Spirit,

the comforter,

for the Church, the body of Christ,

for the ministry of word and sacrament

and all the means of grace.

In all these things,

make us wise in the right use of your blessings,

that we may render an acceptable thanksgiving

all the days of our life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Thanksgiving 5


Let us praise and thank God

for all great and simple joys:

for the gift of wonder, the joy of discovery,

and the everlasting freshness of experience;

for all that comes to us

through sympathy and through sorrow;

for the joy of work attempted and achieved;

for musicians, poets, artists,

all who work in form and colour

to increase the beauty of life;

for the likeness of Christ in ordinary people,

their forbearance, courage, and kindness,

and for quiet and faithful service

cheerfully given.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son,

and to the Holy Spirit:

as it was in the beginning,

is now, and will be for ever. Amen.




















Intercession 1


O God, the creator and preserver of all,

we pray for people of all sorts and conditions.

Make your purpose known in the earth,

your saving power among the nations.

We pray for the well-being

of the catholic Church.

So guide and guard it by your good Spirit,

that all who profess

and call themselves Christians

may be led into the way of truth,

and hold the faith in the unity of the Spirit

and in righteousness of life.

We commend to your generous goodness

all those who are in any way

afflicted or distressed,

in mind, body, or circumstances.

Comfort and relieve them

according to their individual needs;

give them patience under their sufferings,

and a happy release out of all their afflictions.

All this we ask for the sake of Jesus Christ.



Intercession 2


Lord Jesus Christ,

we acknowledge your rule

over every realm of life:

subdue the world by the might of your love.


Son of Mary:

consecrate our homes.


Son of David:

cleanse our politics.


Son of God:

grant us eternal life.


Jesus the Carpenter:

hallow our daily work.


Jesus the Saviour:

save us from ourselves.


Jesus the Life-giver:

renew your Church.


Jesus the Crucified:

reveal your love and power to all who suffer.


Jesus the King:

raise us to live and reign with you for ever.


Jesus the Word of God:

perfect your creation

and bring the world

to the knowledge of your love.

For the kingdom,

the power, and the glory are yours,

for ever and ever. Amen.


Intercession 3


Mighty and merciful God,

may your kindness be known to all.

Hear the prayers of all who cry to you;

open the eyes of those

who never pray for themselves;

have mercy on those who are in misery;

deal gently with those who sit in darkness;

increase the number of those

who love and serve you daily.

Preserve our land from all things hurtful,

preserve our Church from all dangerous error,

preserve our people from forgetting

that you are their Lord and Saviour.

Be gracious to those countries

that are made desolate

by war, famine, disease, or persecution,

and grant that the course of the world

may be so ordered in obedience to your will

that the people may live in security

and freedom from want,

and their children grow up

to be makers of peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Intercession 4


Loving and Holy Spirit of God, we pray:

that we and all people

may increasingly work together

to establish on earth

the rule of the kingdom of heaven;

that the resources of the world

may be gathered,

distributed, and used

with unselfish motives and scientific skill

for the greatest benefit of all;

that beauty may be given

to our towns and cities,

and left untarnished in the countryside;

that children may grow up strong in body,

sound in mind, and trained in spirit;

that there may be open ways,

and peace, and freedom,

from end to end of the earth;

and that people everywhere

may learn to live in love

through keeping the company

of Jesus Christ our Lord,

in whose great name we pray.



Intercession 5


For the peace of the world,

the welfare of the Church,

the unity of all people:

let us pray to the Lord.




For the Queen and her government,

the leaders of the world,

and all in authority:

let us pray to the Lord.




For those who are oppressed,

or destitute, or hungry,

and for those who are unemployed:

let us pray to the Lord.




For those whom we love, at home or far away,

neighbours and friends and colleagues at work,

all those whose lives are closely linked with ours:

let us pray to the Lord.




For the glory of your name, O God,

turn us from all that is evil,

and grant us grace

to put our whole trust and confidence

in your loving purpose for the world.

Strengthen us by your Spirit

to serve you with a willing heart

and a cheerful spirit;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.













Dedication of the Offerings 1


Accept, O Lord,

the offering we seek to make,

of ourselves and our money;

and grant that we may ever work and pray

to build a world of peace

and joy and freedom;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Dedication of the Offerings 2


Lord our God,

we acknowledge that

you are our Father,

we are your children,

our neighbours

are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

To their service and to your glory

we dedicate ourselves,

our hearts and minds, our wills and works.

Strengthen our resolve

to stand fast in your faith,

to seek the help of your Holy Spirit,

and to work willingly for your perfect kingdom,

in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.



Dedication of the Offerings 3


Gracious and loving God,

if we have gifts to bring,

it is of your free mercy;

for all things are yours,

and what we have comes from you.

Accept the offerings we make,

and grant that gifts which can never be worthy

may yet be hallowed by your blessing

and used in your service;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Dedication of the Offerings 4


We bring our gifts to you, Lord God,

with cheerfulness and a joyful heart.

Grant that with our gifts

we may also offer

a ready mind and a willing spirit

to show forth in our lives

the truth of the gospel;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Dedication of the Offerings 5


God of all goodness and grace,

give us such confidence,

such peace, such happiness in you,

that your will

may always be dearer to us

than our will,

and your pleasure than our pleasure.

All that you give is your free gift to us,

all that you take away is your grace to us.

May you be thanked for all,

praised for all,

loved for all;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.














Reproduced by permission. All rights reserved.

Copyright Panel on Worship of the Church of Scotland

Prayers from the Book of Common Order

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