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Hymns by Marnie Barrell
Hymns by Robert Higginson
Hymns by Vincent Uher

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This online hymnal contains texts and MIDI files of tunes used in much of the English-speaking world, with particular emphasis on the Anglican tradition. Currently, fifty-two Anglican hymnals from the past 140 years have been indexed. These 52 hymnals contain nearly seven thousand distinct texts and over eighteen thousand text/tune combinations.

At present, not all of the files are available. The public domain texts of the core six hymnals (marked with an asterisk in the hymnal indexes above) are completely uploaded.

This site hopes to be the comprehensive source of information about the extensive tradition of Anglican and English-language hymnody. This site will as well contain a number of contemporary hymn texts and tunes not widely published, in the hope that they may be discovered by the wider Church.

For the most part, texts and tunes on this site are in the public domain, which usually means (in the U.S.) written before 1923. If we have permission to reproduce a copyright text, it will be noted on the individual page. Please contact the copyright owner for permission to reproduce further. If we have inadvertently put up a file which is copyright in the United States, please let us know and we will remove it. Hymns owned by the Jubilate Group have been removed at their request. For more information, please go to the Jubilate website.

Please note: You may find that the text of a hymn is not exactly the one found in a given hymnal--most often, this page includes the original or an older version of a text. Hymnal editors have been editing the texts of hymns for centuries; some of these changes are included here; many are not. Please make sure you check the text thoroughly before using it in public worship. This especially applies to those using hymnals published in the last twenty years.

Accompanying the text of each hymn you will find information about the author of the text, its meter and various settings of music for each text. Also, MIDI files have been provided for many of the texts. There are about 1000 MIDI files on this site. The MIDI file you hear when the page opens is for the first tune named. This site is meant as a companion to the hymnals of the Anglican Communion and does not yet provide musical notation for the hymns.

The OREMUS HYMNAL is a volunteer effort and I thank you for your support and welcome your donations above. Payments are processed through Paypal's secure server.

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